How To Judge The Quality Of Proxy IP?

Azura Liu

With the rapid development of big data on the Internet, the demand for proxy IP is also increasing rapidly day by day. Various proxy IP service providers are also springing up. After searching through search engine, many proxy IP service providers can be found. Then how can we judge the quality of proxy IP and how to choose the proxy IP suitable for your own business?

Size of proxy IP pool

The larger the IP pool , the smaller the probability of IP duplication, and the more proxy IPs that can be used. Some large IP proxy service providers have dailiy tunovers of hundreds thousands or even more than one million. Users can use them according to their own needs. At the same time, the larger the IP pool, the higher the cost, which proves that the comprehensive strength of the supplier is also stronger, and it can be more auaranteed in terms of after-sales service and product quality.

Effective connectivity rate

The IP pool of some proxy IP service providers is very large, claiming to be in the millions or tens of millions , but the connection efficiency is very low, which is meaningless. For a very simple example, the proxy of the IP pool of 100,000 is efficient more than 90% and proxy of the IP pool of one 1 million is about 10% efficient. Which one would you choose? Although the latter has more efficient proxyy IPs, the efficiency is too low, and a lot of time will be wasted and cost.

IP coverage

IP coverage is also the distribution range of line nodes. The wider the global distribution range, the better. If IP is only distributed in a few regions, it is easily affected by the distance between network nodes. Moreover, for some users who want to choose proxy IP by region, of course, the more regions, the better.

IP purity

IP purity means that the fewer people who use IP, the better, and there will be no conflict with their own business. For example, the exclusive IP pool, used by one person, has the hightest purity of IP; Some "ten thousand riders" proxy IP, although the price is cheap, but the purity is lowest, business conflict can not be used.

The above are several methods for judging the quality of proxy IP. Of course, it is more clear to test it by yourself. After all, each person's business is different, and the requirements for IP are also different, except for the above surface judgment methods, the best way is to experience and test it yourself.